Daughters of the American Revolution
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Liberty Bell Chapter

Chapter Special Committees

    Chapter 125th Anniversary Committee

  • Carrie Ballek, Chair

2017 Flag Day Luncheon Committee
  • Valerie Biondi, Chair

Chapter Chairmen, National Committees

    Americanism (Naturalization Court)

  • Shirley Baxter

American Indians
  • Valerie Biondi

Children of the American Revolution
  • Carrie Ballek

DAR Good Citizens
  • Marg Iannace

DAR Schools
  • Louise Sorensen

DAR Service for Veterans
  • Louise Sorensen
  • Tracy DeJonge

Flag of the United States of America
  • Alexa Iannace

Historic Preservation
  • Tracy DeJonge

Junior Membership
  • Jessica Koch

Literacy Promotion
  • Janet Wolff

    Lineage Research

  • Lisa Snell Kern
  • Beth Schueremann


  • Jill Schralla-Stephens
  • Janice Stephens

National Defense
  • Hope Thorne

Service for America
  • Carrie Ballek

VIS (chapter website administrator
  • Michele Vargo

Chapter Members with State
Appointments, National Committees

    Chairman, Historic Preservation

  • Tracy DeJonge

Vice Chairman, Service for America
  • Carrie Ballek

National & State DAR
  • Ann Turner Dillon - President General, NSDAR
  • Roberta Patton McMullen - Vice President General, NSDAR
  • Cynthia B. Sweeney - PSSDAR State Regent
  • Sara Jane McCurdy - South Eastern District Director

Meet The Officers